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  UKVI Student Route Eligibility Assessment

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1. Do you require a Student Route Visa in order to study in the UK ?

2. Do you currently reside in the UK?

Other: Please give details:

Has your visa been cancelled or curtailed?

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3. Have you ever visited the UK?

4. Have you ever ​applied for a visa for entry to the UK, NOT for the purpose of study, even if you did not use this​ visa​?

Did you receive a visa refusal?

Please give reasons and date:

5. Have you ever applied for a visa to study in the UK, even if you did not use this visa?

Did you receive a visa refusal?

Please give reasons and date:

6. Have you ever been issued with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)?

Did you use this CAS?
Did you receive a visa refusal?

Please advise of the date of refusal, if you applied for Administrative review and if so what the outcome was.
Please use the Documents tab to upload your visa refusal.

7. Are you a current or previous student with the University of Portsmouth?

8. Are you applying for a Pre-Sessional English Programme?

9. Are you applying for an Exchange or Study Abroad Programme?

11. Please give details of all previous study in the UK including English language courses and courses you did not complete.
     It is extremely important that you declare all previous UK study, even if you think this is not relevant academically.     ?

ID Course name Level Start date End date Institution name Type of Visa issued for this course Visa issue date Visa expiry date

12. Please upload the following documents.     ?

Passport photo page
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Any previous UK visas.
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Previous CAS statements or offer letters (if applicable).
Upload file:
Applicant Registration Card, Immigration Bail Letter (IB 201) and any Home Office visa application decision or appeal letters (where applicable)
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Visa refusal letters (if applicable)
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You must upload your passport in order to submit this form.

- Please make sure all filenames are in Western characters - ie. do not include Arabic, Cyrillic or Chinese characters in the filenames.
- Please make sure filenames are shorter than 100 characters long.

13. Please use this space to give any further relevant information regarding previous study in the UK or for any further information regarding your immigration history.
If you hold Pre-Settled or Settled Status under the EU Settlement scheme, please input your share code here. This is obtained via the gov.uk service


I confirm that I have disclosed information on all previous UK immigration and study periods.
I understand and accept that:
the information given on this form will be retained by the University in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK GDPR;
the information provided on this form will be used to determine my eligibility for a CAS, and for study at the University of Portsmouth, and that
the University of Portsmouth may verify the information given in this form with any previous institution at which I have studied, and/or with the Home Office.      ?

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